To #MarketYourStory, you have to define your story

What was Auguste Rodin’s The Thinker really thinking about? (No disrespect to Monsieur Rodin. He is one of my greatest inspirations – his work was the epitome of capturing the essence of his subject.)

If anyone should be able to write their own bio, it should be me. I have written scores of profiles about other people. I know how to draw out their story, find out something unique about them, ask the questions that will spark something in their soul.

I know how to take 3,000 or 4,000 words from an interview and distill that down to its essence, capturing an individual’s unique story and conveying that to my readers – often within 350 words.

All that is second nature to me. I am captivated by the stories I hear and strive to convey that wonder to others.

Why, then, is it so difficult for me to do that for myself? The main obstacle to building my website has been having to write about – me (my face scrunches up at the very thought). When I try to get to the essence of my own story it’s as though I’ve fallen in a black hole – my mind goes blank.

How many of you can relate to that? Telling our own story is the hardest thing to do – especially the essential story of who we are and the work we do and what inspires us to do it. It is easy to toss off cliché phrases – or even entire soliloquies – about who we are. But when you are trying to #PromoteYourself or your art or your product, superficial doesn’t cut it. People want to be inspired by your passion. They want to feel your joy in creating your art. They want to be hypnotized by your fascination with the artists you represent at your gallery. They want to know how you can take a simple piece of wood and transform it into a Native American flute with a sound so pure it takes your breath away. (Learn how one artist does that here.)

I can help you do that. I will use every means possible to discover as much as I can about you and your work. I will listen to your story with an open heart and mind. I will ask questions that arise spontaneously from our conversation and draw out the essence of who you are. Then I will work with you collaboratively to decide on the best formats and platforms for telling your story. Once the structure is in place, I can write content that inspires, design visuals that provoke response and help you to “sell” yourself with your website and #SocialMediaMarketing. Start the conversation by emailing me today to set up a free consultation

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