My Approach to Creating Your Marketing Campaign

Whether I am writing content, designing a public relations strategy or composing a feature article, my goal is always to unearth and convey the heart and soul of my subject.

One driving force throughout my life has been an urge to discover – new places, new experiences, new people and new aspects of the people and places I already know. I am never content with just brushing the surface. I strive to explore the hidden corners of every place I visit. I want to learn what matters most to a person. I want to know how an amazing work of art was created, what goals inspires a small business owner or what vision drives the efforts of a nonprofit organization.

For the last 17 years I have channeled that passion into my media career. As host/producer of a national award-winning radio show, Art Tour Santa Fe, I was committed to researching every person I interviewed and asking questions that revealed unexpected aspects of who they were or the work they were involved in. That commitment to delving deep has carried through to my work as a print journalist and as a marketing professional.

I will devote that same attention to your marketing plan. I will work with you to discover the unique character of your business or organization, to determine which media platforms are most likely to reach your target market and to develop content and graphics that tell a powerful story about you or your business or organization.